Culasian ridge: Trail Runner’s dream


Eight kilometers away from the highway are the hidden trails of Culasian ridge, where runners dream of chasing through its paths. This picturesque view is one of pride of the people here in Titay, Zamboanga Peninsula. It is indeed one of the gems in Mindanao that is worth discovering. The TARUNTA orgnization in coordination with … Continue reading Culasian ridge: Trail Runner’s dream


The White-Kissed Resort: Solaj Beach Resort

Sun-kissed sand warming your feet, sunset paintings across the horizons, picturesque rock assemblies, and endless stretch of white-painted haven houses are the promises of welcome upon your dwelling. Located in Banigan, Liloy Zamboanga del Norte, Solaj Beach Resort is your paradise in the middle of chaos. It boasts of its swimming pool that is calling … Continue reading The White-Kissed Resort: Solaj Beach Resort