How do I overcome Bad Days

Some people think that bloggers and freelance writers earn what’s in their pockets by just simply sitting in front of their laptop and traveling all the time. Well, it is not that simple. Freelancers and bloggers have their fair share of emotional ups and downs just like other profession.
Blogging and writing are not always a breeze.

Yes, we are our own boss, and we can decide whether to accept a task or to decline it. There are days that our energy is high that we can sit 24 hours a day just writing because our ideas just seem to overflow. Every wrting task paid makes us even more eager and inspired.

However, there are also days that we lose our focus and inspiration in writing. Days that we find ourselves in a motivational slump wondering where those ideas and words have gone. Days that we just lose our creativity and we feel grumpy about it, and we even affect the people around us.

There are days that we experience anxieties – especially when a client rejects the work, or we don’t receive an excellent feedback. Bad days make us feel unworthy, tired, discouraged of our present job, unappreciated and bored.

Other facts are; aside from sleepless nights and endless tapping of the keyboard, we too experience boredom, discouragement and financial stress at work – specially when we feel that our article is paid less than what we deserve. And these my friend usually comes out during a bad day.

One time or another, we all has those bad days, and I am sure that you can relate to this.
So, what do I do to cope up with my bad days?

After reading and gathering ideas from famous people who share their bad days and how they have overcome it, I came to a conclusion that; whatever we feel today, it is because we let our mind dictate our emotion.

Here is how I lift myself up from a bad day

Everytime I feel uninspired or overwhelmed; my first solution is – getting out of my shell.

A writer spends most of her days and nights inside her room and in front of her computer. So when bad day struck me, a change of environment is my first remedy.

The best place  for me is somewhere quiet and of course, with amazing scenery. I go mountain climbing, biking or just take a walk in the woods.

The beach is also a good choice – it is one of my best destination. The breeze and the sand always soothe my mood.

change of environment is good for your mind and soul. It is scientifically proven that a change of environment stimulate creativity and just by relaxing in a silent place with the beauty of nature surrounding us can removes all stress.

And when your mind is well rested, you can work at your best in the next day. And for me, when I am in a place like this, away from distraction and the sounds that I could hear is only from the rustling of trees and the chirping of birds, writing is so easy and fast.

Rough day triggers all the negative feelings that we become pessimistic the whole day -affecting our ability to work, our concentration  and interaction with our sorroundings. So when I had a bad day, I just do this one thing that never failed to make me feel good. Going out and being one with nature.

And remember, you just had a bad day. Not a bad life!


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