Ideas born from the kindest hearts result to the greater good of the world.

Last October 21 2017, when a typhoon hit the Philippines, the marginalized sector of society particularly the badjaos (sea gypsies) were relocated from their homes at Zamboanga Del Norte.

This prompted the Ferrer High School Batch 99 together with their spouses and friends to reach out.
Batch 99 brought food and supplies for the particular indigenous group through an outreach program.

The outreach program is the first milestone of the nonprofit organization. This opened to more opportunities in reaching out to more people in need.
The individual composing of the organization shared the same goal. This led to the collective idea that they will be conducting outreach programs during the weekends.

Conducting outreach programs in the weekend is a good solution for the convenience of the group because each of them is holding jobs, businesses and other priorities.

The group’s goal is to extend help to the marginalized sector in society especially reaching out to the far flung areas. Only a few non profit organizations prioritizes these areas because of the distance. But batch 99 is willing to conquer the challenges just to extend aid to these people.

The deed satisfies the members’ thirst for adventure and willingness to help others. Every smile of gratitude from the children and people they have helped is all worth the time, effort and money they have offered.

The dedication of Batch 99 reached the ears of other people. This inspired people to collaborate with them. We are joined by friends and acquaintances.

So we named the new group MCSO. The acronym means “Make the Children Smile Organization.”

The batch’s beginnings expanded and welcomed more donations.

The outreach programs were first funded from the pockets of Batch 99. But now donations poured. The funds from these collective donations will surely pave way for more outreach programs in the future.

The group’s initiative paid off because it attracted more help in continuing this endeavor.

Although they don’t deny that sometimes they encounter shortcomings. But with this burning passion to help others, they continue no matter the odds.