Reach out and get involved for peace in Mindanao!

As the conflict between the government and the NPA continue to dominate the headlines, our men in uniform are continuously doing their job to guard the safety of the civilians. It’s been known to the public that NPA are recruiting members from the less civilized area and mountainous areas. But thru proper communication and public... Continue Reading →


On Duterte’s Dubbed Sexist Attacks on Women: Let’s Trust His Actions Instead

The president did not promise that everything he will say will be perfect. His infamous “sexist remarks on women” dubbed by many arose spite from feminist groups and activists. Their spite is justified because those remarks indirectly hit women’s softest parts. Last March 31, 2017, Friday, a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer said that... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Masculine Beauty from the Philippines who are not Celebrities

When we talk about the physical features of Filipinos, we imagine a native looking man, curly hair, brown skin and shorter in height. But because of Filipinos’ mixed influences, there are mestizos and good looking pinoy breed that became famous in social media and some of them even make it to stardom. It is because... Continue Reading →

Hearsay and Defences: Duterte’s Drug War, a War against Humanity?

A report being branded as “thoughtless and irresponsible” by the Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella must be a blow to its credibility. A Human Rights Watch report stated that the Philippine National Police is responsible for the alleged killings in the drug’s war. According to Abella, the ones killed allegedly opted for “self-defense” during the drug... Continue Reading →

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