Bacolod is Where Your Heart will Smile

Remarkably known as the “City of Smiles,” it did not betray its nickname when you graze from your window to the protruding corn stalks from the sunlit-drenched corn fields. It is made up of road stretches, boasting of cornfields in each turn. Bacolod has been a pilgrimage for folks who are regular festival attendees to … Continue reading Bacolod is Where Your Heart will Smile


Finding Gems in Mindanao 2

Did you know that a study from Washington shows that going to a beach has a lot of benefits to you and your well-being? If some people are worried on the threats of the beach to them; threats like a storm, tidal waves, the sun burns, here is the good news: there are the group … Continue reading Finding Gems in Mindanao 2

Bukidnon: Truly a Highland Paradise

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Indeed, God has made everything beautiful.

Me at the front of Mr. John Perrine’s house in Tuminugan Nature Sanctuary

Philippines boasts of many great places to visit. I have been to many towns, both for work and for fun, and each of the areas that I have been to have spots that have truly taken my breath away.

My recent travel was in Bukidnon, one of the largest provinces in the Philippines and which comprises almost half of Northern Mindanao. Fitting to how other people describe the place, Bukidnon is indeed a highland paradise. It has rich lands with most farmers planting rice and corn, some banana and pineapple; amazing view of Mt. Kitanglad, an inactive volcano; and caring communities.

In Bukidnon, we stayed at Bukidnon Country Lodge (BCL). I had high expectations of the place because of the feedback of my friends who have been there, but BCL did…

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Bayangan Island :White paradise Amidst the blue

Labason Zamboanga del Norte is a small town in the North with white beaches, green fields and hospitable townsmen. Here, lives of the people are simple and we are enjoying the gifts of nature by sea and land. The beaches here in Labason can still be considered virgin since it is less visited and not commercialized. One of our pride is the island of Bayangan. It is haven of white sand in the midst of blue water.

To reach Bayangan Island, you have to board a Banka from the seawall of Labason town proper, or you can board a motorcab from the town to Osukan , Tubac beach. You can ask the fishermen in the area to take you to the Island , and of course with a reasonable price for the fare. The travel from Osukan to the Island will take at least 30 minutes.

The first time I venture to the island, I was so amazed by what I have witnessed during the travel by boat. It is so good to reach and touch the blue water with your hands and you can see up close the group of seagulls happily catching small fishes in the water. They seem to stand on the waters and they didn’t even care that we are near them.

When we reach the island the first view you will see is the powdery white beach and the talisay trees. There are cottages there, but you can stay in the shade of the trees when you want to. There are two pools of blue water on the beach where children are playing alongside with one of the pools. Though it is only manmade pools, it seems to add to the sense of uniqueness and mystery of the island.

The island is about 8 hectares big and if you venture around it, you can see the connecting island called Baliodjong. You can visit Baliodjong by feet if it is lowtide.  If you are planning to stay overnight, be sure to bring a tent with you and drinking water, since the island has no supply of drinking water yet.  If you don’t want to stay for the night, don’t forget to remind the boat sailor to pick you up before 5pm when the ocean is still calm. Waves are high starting at 5pm…

Bayangan is really a white paradise in the midst of blue ocean. It is surely a perfect getaway for island hoppers and adventurers.

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In the town of Labason, Zamboanga del Norte,  locals here boast their white beaches, abundant fishes, and sea foods. This is a small developing town. But when you are looking for a perfect hideaway and island adventure, I suggest that you should visit the Island called Bayangan. It is 30 minutes travel by “banka” or boat from the town. Fishing boats are the only means of transportation to shuttle the island hoppers back and forth from town to Bayangan.  You can find these fishing boats on the shore of Osukan or in The shore along the town area.  This place has no advertisements and no websites even it was developed before by a known politician. This makes Bayangan, less visited and unfamous. Therefore, you can enjoy the space, the clean sea water, and the beach. You can see cottages there when you arrive at the island. You can either…

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Helpful tips to make your Business travel fun and efficient.

How to Make Business Travels efficient but enjoyable? Business travels should not be tiring and boring. There are tips that you can use on how to make your business travels more efficient but at the same time, enjoyable on your part. Just follow these very simple tips when  you are going on a business travel.Here … Continue reading Helpful tips to make your Business travel fun and efficient.

Travel Heals

Life can seem so tough at times to the point that we want to give up. Heartaches, illness, failures, loss of a loved one, frustrations—too many challenges that make us stressed, anxious, and depressed. I have been through many tough times myself and I have tried several strategies to cope with the hardships. "I was … Continue reading Travel Heals

Bayangan Island Resort

       I am making this review because,  I truly believe that Labason has a great potential to be considered as one of Philippines' tourist destination.  Why? As I have mentioned in my first article about our pride Bayangan Island, this town has beaches  that can be compared to other known resorts in ASIA. The … Continue reading Bayangan Island Resort