Reds or Yellows: Who are the lesser evil?

President Duterte: He is known as the Genuine Punisher who cleansed the Davao City which is formerly tagged as the “Nicaragua f Asia.” It has been recognized that the city of Davao has the lowest crime rate in the country. As a Mayor, he has received numerous awards which he politely declines for the reason … Continue reading Reds or Yellows: Who are the lesser evil?


Mirror Phobia (My real horror story)

Whenever my friends visit my house, one of the things they would look for before going out is a mirror. My gay friend even suggested to buy me a cheap 4ft mirror that can be bought in a Taiwanese store in town. Well, I have been living in my own house for almost 3 years … Continue reading Mirror Phobia (My real horror story)

What to Do to Make Yourself Happy Everyday

There isn’t such thing as a perfect day every day, but there are some perfect ways to make it bearable and even wonderful if we did it right. Philosophers have sought the elixir through mediations, many have fought wars, erected the highest skyscrapers, and even landed on the moon just to find the essence of … Continue reading What to Do to Make Yourself Happy Everyday

How to Write an Effective Young Adult Novel that will Actually Sell

There is something about the coming-of-age books that will always be special at the bookstore. These novels are easily adapted to the big screen and will be the pedestal of culture among the youth. We could not deny the fan base of the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer when we swoon over the vampire and … Continue reading How to Write an Effective Young Adult Novel that will Actually Sell

Social Media and the Philippines’ Issue on Unity

After the historical victory of the former Davao City Mayor, now president of the Philippines, Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte, a lot of people hoped that the gap and name calling in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will subside. Everyone hopes that the “Yellowtards” will stop criticizing the president-elect and instead start supporting his programs. The “Dutertards” are also expected to be more calm and forgiving to all those people who doesn’t share the same ideals with them.

How to deal with the new challenges after College

Sometimes you even discover that the thing you love in reality is different from the program you finished in college. So what’s next for you after college? Again, college graduation will never give you an assurance to a very bright future. This is not a discouragement but a challenge for you to be stronger when reality strikes you.

Is this the downfall of Philippines traditional Media?

But now, by the existence of social media where there is a two-way communication, when people can exchange info's and react, where there is an open system, transparency, authenticity and real time creation, people are beginning to doubt the traditional media’s credibility. Today, Journalists dedication is questionable. Why? Most of them are paid and only reports what could benefit their pockets.