Finding “me”

Before I became what I am now, I am the type of a girl who depends so much on everything and anyone close to me. My perception of happiness is growing old with the one I love and being surrounded by the people who will accept me for what I am. Being alone was my … Continue reading Finding “me”


Terror in the Philippine’s Safest City

Ginawang katawanan ng ibang netizens... “Everybody can come in and out of Davao,” he said. “Davao is safe, there is no criminality here except terrorism.” Inquirer I am one of the of the avid visitors of Davao City. In all the places I have been, from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and even abroad, Davao City is … Continue reading Terror in the Philippine’s Safest City

Reflection of a Broken Soul

I thought  I’m strong enough; I  told myself many times that I can do this but when my downfall comes all I can do is cry. Everything I've been through making me wonder why it should happen that way. And I ask myself what I have done; that’s not how I wanted it to be. … Continue reading Reflection of a Broken Soul

Travel Heals

Life can seem so tough at times to the point that we want to give up. Heartaches, illness, failures, loss of a loved one, frustrations—too many challenges that make us stressed, anxious, and depressed. I have been through many tough times myself and I have tried several strategies to cope with the hardships. "I was … Continue reading Travel Heals

To the man who loves me,

I’m sorry that my mouth doesn’t form around the word ‘want’ very easily, that in all my time on this earth I have only felt the kindness of people on tv screens and in pages of safe books that I hide on the shelves of my heart. that in every case that someone has touched … Continue reading To the man who loves me,

Girls, you dont have to talk too much. Stay low key…

        (cheap laptop available now! click the image) Stay low key. Not everyone needs to know everything about you. Don't you know that the most interesting people are those who doesn't talk too much about themselves? Possessing that air of mystery makes you more exciting. Opening up too much about yourself just … Continue reading Girls, you dont have to talk too much. Stay low key…