A Week with Jessica

When I saw Jessica, I knew I fell in love again. It’s not that she was a stranger to me. We were in love, a very long time ago. She was sixteen, and I was seventeen. But just like any real love story, ours didn’t have a happy ending because life happened. I knew she … Continue reading A Week with Jessica


Why Growing Up with Disney Made Me a Writer

Clad in bunny-printed pink pajamas along with Marie biscuits (they’ve stopped producing, why oh why?!) on a free afternoon after my Kinder 2 class at ABC Learning Center, stood the stationary black box, which introduced me to tiaras and gorgeous boys on horses. Life was a sandwich-eating feast after school way back when I was … Continue reading Why Growing Up with Disney Made Me a Writer

Mirror Phobia (My real horror story)

Whenever my friends visit my house, one of the things they would look for before going out is a mirror. My gay friend even suggested to buy me a cheap 4ft mirror that can be bought in a Taiwanese store in town. Well, I have been living in my own house for almost 3 years … Continue reading Mirror Phobia (My real horror story)