A Week with Jessica

When I saw Jessica, I knew I fell in love again. It’s not that she was a stranger to me. We were in love, a very long time ago. She was sixteen, and I was seventeen. But just like any real love story, ours didn’t have a happy ending because life happened.

Philippines as the Rising Star in Asia

Although there were many attacks on the alleged drug war killings linked to President Duterte with the raging wrath from the humanitarian groups threatening to take the current administration down, an ASEAN study revealed that the Philippines is actually the “top economic performer” in terms of economic performance in Asia. Though there were recent terrorist… Read More Philippines as the Rising Star in Asia

National Security: Let’s Protect Each Other

The government is urging the country to help them fight against rebellion.  Time immemorial, rebellion has been wreaking havoc in the country and in our lives. Innocent lives have ended because of the consistent blood wrath, families were separated, and livelihood burnt down. Recently in our country, the early days of April, gunmen were threatening… Read More National Security: Let’s Protect Each Other