Discovering Gems in Mindanao…

The best thing to do when you are on your 20’s and 30’s is to travel the world and expand your horizon. Nowadays, a lot of people are already taking advantage of promo fares, guided tours and long holidays to be able to reach the most famous tourist destinations.

I promote travelling. I promote getting lost in an unfamiliar place because it allows one to enhance his social and interpersonal skills. However, no matter how famous a place is and how beautiful the photos that have been constantly showing on my social media timelines are, I still prefer travelling to the hidden wilderness of this world.

photos of Maja Beach Resort

I believe that the world is so big that human should not only glorify those already famous destinations such as Boracay Islands in the Philippines or St. Martin in the Caribbean Islands.

Aside from the fact that these travel destinations are already established as ultimate travel getaways, most likely than not, these destinations are also very crowded and are already requiring higher costs compared to those destinations which are less famous.

So, for me to be able to satisfy my wanderlust, I prefer travelling to those less travelled places that can provide the same fulfillment and joy as those renowned destinations but do not cut three-fourths or even half of my monthly earnings.

For me, it is always good not to rush where everybody is heading. So, I made it my mission in life to discover the beautiful secrets of this world. In fact, my bucket list for this year focuses on touring around the Mindanao Islands of the Philippines. There are a lot of hidden travel destinations in this area and yet the media focuses on the hostage takings, the NPA and the wars.

I want to let other people know that there are other stories to tell about Mindanao.

P.s… Keep posted for more undiscoverd places in the Land of Promise..


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