Unveil the Hidden Paradise of Canibad

Too much stress and can no longer handle your toxic environment? Running away from it under the heat of the sun is not a bad idea.

People these day prefer spending most of their vacation period on outdoor activities. Me as a not-so-popular traveler, I love spending my weekends on the beach or somewhere with fresh and cold water like falls or lagoon. But for this article, I will be exposing the beauty of Canibad in Samal Island, Philippines.

Canibad may not be that popular among the beaches in Samal, Island but it has the most beautiful view and peaceful environment I’ve ever had. The crystal clear water relaxes me especially when the sun rays fell into it which serves as the light on sea floor.

canibs 1

How to reach this impressive place?

From Davao City on the way to the Samal Island, you can ride the barge with a fare of 10 pesos only. You don’t have to worry about the safety and security as you ride in it because the machines of each barge are properly monitored. Once you reached the island, there are “habal-habal” drivers that will ask you with your destination but always remember that the fare will only cost 100 pesos for each person. Also do not forget to choose a driver with a reliable image because the road is quiet thrilling.

Once you reach the place, you need to go down stairs with almost 100 steps but I can assure you that everything will be worth it. In terms of the best place to stay, I would highly recommend you the “Secret Paradise Resort” since it is very cheap and accommodating. The staff and care takers there are very well-mannered and I can guarantee you as well that they won’t stress you out with the billings. The resort is kind of far from the public market so it is better for you to buy raw foods that will be good enough for your entire vacation. You are very much free to enter the kitchen of the resort as you prepare your meal. However, if you’re looking for a fresh fish, there are fishermen that will dock along the sea shore every morning and they usually sell their goods with a friendly price. You can also choose whether you will stay at the tent or  rent for a room, since both ways are relaxing as well. The room can accommodate 7 people and it only costs 1000 pesos with a balcony where you can have a drink or chitchats with your squad.

If you want to explore the place further, you can rent a “kayak” that is good for 2 persons and it only costs 100 pesos per hour. If you want to do it with your squad, manong jojo, (the owner of of the mini boat and kayak for rent), also offers bigger boat that can carry up to 7 persons with the same price.


There is also part of the place where you can enjoy snorkeling. The corals are very beautiful and stunning. I have a short clip here but I failed to get into it closer since it’s nearly 5pm and I don’t have any safety gears. So my best advice to you, if you want to go for snorkeling, do it during the afternoon where in the sea floor is clear because of the sun rays.

So I hope you will consider this place as the best escape from stress and toxic environment. This may not be popular as Boracay or Siargao but Canibad is also a one-of-a-kind paradise.