Boardwalk Afternoons

Lazy afternoons call for promenades at Tanjay Boardwalk if silent strolling is your cup of tea. Thirty-seven kilometers away from Dumaguete city, this one-hour drive to the Boardwalk greets you with the abundance of mangroves, canopies of trees, pondering by the surrounding sea, and infinite bridges to cross over.


There is no entrance fee to the Boardwalk. All there is an option for visitors to donate by the entrance. You can stay as long as you wish at the Boardwalk. You may bring some beverage to consume by one of the boardwalk huts, but you should observe some basic manners of not littering around.

During weekends, people flock here to stroll around or simply spend an hour or two at the huts. If you would like to dive into the water then you may, but make sure that you will take the challenge in going down from the ladder.


If you have the time during weekdays then it would be better to visit the Boardwalk especially because most people visit it during the weekends. A weekday strolling is actually as tranquil as you would expect it to be.

Would you like some coffee? There is actually a semi-floating restaurant at the Boardwalk where you can get some drink and something to munch on.

The essence of the Boardwalk is not only for sight-seeing but for generating awareness on mangrove preservation. Aside from educating visitors about the trees around, the tourists are also inspired with the importance of mangrove cultivation.


Spending lazy afternoons at the boardwalk seems to be the closest to absorbing nature, listening to the chirping birds resting by the trees as the leaves rustle, and spending some moment of solitude, either pondering life and probably, if you would like to be more reflective, a conversation with God as you stroll in silent strides.