Culasian ridge: Trail Runner’s dream

Eight kilometers away from the highway are the hidden trails of Culasian ridge, where runners dream of chasing through its paths. This picturesque view is one of pride of the people here in Titay, Zamboanga Peninsula. It is indeed one of the gems in Mindanao that is worth discovering.

The TARUNTA orgnization in coordination with ICERT, held its first trail run last October 28, 2018, with more than 200 participants from different parts of Zamboanga. This organization was founded by Alvin Manuel, the Zamboanga Mountain Ultramarathon gold medalist. The event was held for generating awareness and facilitating an appreciation for the trails, therefore inviting running enthusiasts to experience the trails.


The running experience claims its worth with its glistening meadows under the sun in every turn, the challenging sole-pounding on the submerged rocks along trails. A sweet adventure that induces adrenaline rush and releasing of toxins, Calusian Ridge will someday be one of the most visited trails for running enthusiasts.

Running through its trails is a challenge and a pleasure all at the same time as it compels you to embrace the natural scenery and builds resilience and character as you grind through it. The most compelling promise in finishing the trail is the view on the mountaintop wherein you could actually perceive a genuine victory as a runner as you glance over the view down below.


The weight of the fog will brush through your cheeks as you will metaphorically reach up to the heavens. Persistence got you the top, and that is worth claiming for. Aside from the fulfilling adventure and adrenaline rush, the sweat-inducing run also promotes fitness and strengthens friendships as you and your companions run through the trails.

The picturesque scenery isn’t the mere feature that running in Calusian Ridge will you experience, there is much more than that. From one running experience, you will appreciate nature, bond with fellow runners, strengthens your stamina, release toxins, and build character.


Titay, Zamboanga has many to offer. It also boasts its waterfalls that wanderers would surely love to visit. So do yourself a favor and get yourself over there, now. There is more to Zamboanga and its locals than what you see in the news – that’s a guarantee.


Photos by: Alvin Manuel, Jhon Carlo Cabading Manuel, Reymart Cuevas