Reach out and get involved for peace in Mindanao!

As the conflict between the government and the NPA continue to dominate the headlines, our men in uniform are continuously doing their job to guard the safety of the civilians.

It’s been known to the public that NPA are recruiting members from the less civilized area and mountainous areas. But thru proper communication and public education about the law and our civic duty, insurgents cannot easily penetrate any community.

Today, the 42nd infantry battalion of Labason Zamboanga  del Norte conducted a meeting with the baranggay officials of Gabu.

While listening to the lecture of Capt Macario, I realized that communication is one vital tool for peace. He is educating the baranggay officials about the law, Martial Law, insurgency, what to do when insurgents are recruiting in the area and of course about illegal drugs. Baranggay officials should know what are the the violations that they could report to the authority.

The officials showed interest and eagerness about the law and what they can do to help the government.

When people know what to do, they can save the community from chaos and maintain peace. So, as a law abiding citizen, one thing you could help is to get involved. We can be a part of the solution. We can be an asset and not a liability.

Reaching out to the public specially to the less fortunate is also one thing to make them feel they are not abandoned. As we all know, that poverty and that feeling of being ignored by the government are some factors that these people resort to rebellion. They can be easily swayed and bribed. We can help through outreach activities. Reach out to these people and educate them.

The incoming outreach activity is also tackled. Making connections with the public cannot be achieved in just one meeting.  Sometimes, we have to reach out and create a bond with them.

The AFP of Labason Zamboanga del Norte together with the MSCO volunteers are doing outreach activity to the less fortunate in secluded areas. Being present in those activities as a volunteer, I can say that there is indeed a bond created between the people and these uniformed men during the activity.


Be watchful to any suspicious stranger in your area and report violations immediately as your actions may save others.