Achievements of Duterte Administration

With a lot of issues going on in my beloved country, the Philippines, I will be glad to order a delicious treat and devour it as the truth unfolds. Others may see that the Philippines under Duterte is far from change, and what I meant by others are those who are against the decisions of President and its administration.


Despite these people trying to put the good man down, President Duterte’s accomplishments speak well that the people who voted for him made the right decision. Here are his accomplishments(credits to Ms. Tine):

*The external debt of the Philippines sheds $5.2B as of June 2017.
*Highest PSEi closed at all-time high 8,312.93
*The crime rate in Manila drops by 38% for the past 12 months.
*Duterte’s Political Will costs 6B from Lucio Tan, 1.7B w/o Tax from Mile Long Property and 25B from Mighty Cigarettes
*Free tuition in SUCs
*Implementation of free internet in public places
*The passport validity is extended up to ten years
*The Driver’s license validity is extended up to five years
*Hospitals refusing to treat patients are stiffly penalized
*The indefinite ceasefire between the MNLF, MILF, CPP NDF and the government (held in Norway)
*Implemented centralized complaint and action hotlines – 911 and 8888
*The one-stop service in POEA which is way better than before and other locations in the Philippines for OFW
*Processing fee on travel tax exemption is removed
*A rise of 2,000 pesos in SSS pension
*The much-empowered servicemen who are now willing to serve the country with pride and higher morale
*The one in a million dinner at Malacanang opportunity for our servicemen
*The visits in all of the defense camps to see the needs of each station so they can improve service
*The shutdown or closure of those mining companies that do not abide by the laws and regulations which destroy the natural resources
*Fishing fences in Manila Bay are removed for a chance to other small fishermen to use it for their source of livelihood
*Point to Point buses from the airport and other many major hubs in the city
*The added one sack rice to 4Ps cash assistance to our fellowmen less fortunate
*The increase of salary for the servicemen which is under the process as well as the state of the art equipped a hospital specifically fort hem
*The quick process of claiming the benefits by the family of our fallen men
*Olympics delegates increased allowance
*Freedom of Information immediate signing and implementation
*The local executives, police generals, judges and other top officials in government exposés against them
*Baclaran, Divisoria and other public places are now better-looking and cleaner
*Increase in employment and decrease in unemployment
*The exposés against oligarchs who are evading to pay their taxes
*Street crimes are decreased due to the surrender of troublemakers
*Resumed Mindanao peace process again in Malaysia
*The bilateral talks with China over the WPS dispute
*The launch of Oplan Tokhang which has more positive results – including the not so good ones
*The cooperation and openness of fenced elite subdivisions for Oplan Tokhang as they show support to the war on drugs campaign
*Seized billions worth of drugs in the operation
*The closure of so many drug labs all over the country
*The more regulated and SAF manned BUCOR
*The no VIP treatment for government officials in airports
*The ongoing improvements in MRT/LRT service and other major thoroughfares
*The customs installation of CCTVs all over the place to promote transparency
*The crackdown of Bilibid Drug Trade and the expose’ of Leila de Lima
*Faster passport processing in DFA
*Fixers are now out of sight
*End of Contractualization
*No more age limit requirements to all job seekers.
*The closure of online gambling. From 4 thousand outlets during the Arroyo admin to 8 thousand outlets during Aquino admin
*OEC exemption for OFWs returning to the same employer! Finally no need to pay and go through the troublesome process of acquiring OEC.
*The curfew hours for minors.
*Free irrigation
*Free medical assistance in six hospitals that offer the Libreng Gamot Para Sa Masa (Lingap) program which benefited some 9,429 indigents (from March to June 9)
*Micro-financing assistance that gives Pondo Sa Pagbabago at Pag-Asenso (P3) program for the underprivileged Filipino entrepreneurs, with Mindoro, Leyte, and Sarangani as pilot provinces;
*Additional P600 rice subsidy to each Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) household beneficiary;
*Strict enforcement of labor laws particularly on security of tenure, which saw the regularization of 45,605 workers (from July 2016 to March 2017)
*Across-the-board increase in the monthly pension of more than two-million Social Security System (SSS) retirees
* Awarding of Certificates of Land Ownership Award (CLOAs) to Hacienda Luisita farmers starting with 111 beneficiaries, as of February 2017
*Fast-tracking the rehabilitation of Yolanda-affected areas with the construction of 50,791 housing units and 1,790 new classrooms and the repair of 701 state colleges and universities, 38 airport facilities, and 27 seaport facilities, as of the first quarter of 2017
*Implementation of the Freedom of Information (FOI) in the Executive Branch
*Online streaming of closed-circuit television (CCTV) inside the offices at the Bureau of Customs (BOC)
*Social media live streams of the President’s activities and Palace briefings
*The creation of a presidential task force on media security
*Reduction of processing days of business permits and licenses (down to 2 days for new business registration and 1 day for renewals), Tax Clearance Certificates (TCC) (down to 2 working days from submission of complete documents), and certificates authorizing registration (down to 5 days from the previous 10 days)
*Implementation of a 3-day maximum time for Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) applications
*The previous government’s purchased agricultural equipment (somehow were not distributed for some political reasons) were distributed
*The stranded OFWs immediate repatriation in Saudi Arabia (the people from the previous government only visited them to have some selfies)
*The laglag bala scheme at the airport has finally stopped right after PRRD took office. A worry free and no more luggage with plastic wraps for travelers.
*Much faster services in government agencies are successfully implemented. The employees are treating the people with some respect and even with a smile proving that transactions are much better these days.
*Legit balikbayan boxes are no longer mishandled.
*The Memorandum Circular 25 directing the display of visual representations of Philippine Heroes in lieu of elected or appointed government officials
*Removal of giving scheduled passport renewal slots of travel agencies.
*The opening of the DAR gates which where were closed for 18 years
*The irrigation projects have already started for the farmers nationwide as well as the distribution of many boats for our fishermen
*The almost 700,000 surrenders who have realized that drugs won’t give them the future they’re hoping for

The recent accomplishment we have is the liberation of Marawi after many months of fighting against the Maute group claiming to be part of ISIS. The leaders Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute were killed recently. Many of the brave men and women who fought against them just traveled home from Marawi and reunited with their families. There are still who are in Marawi for the clearing operation. The government is now planning to rebuild Marawi and even has already a plan for their temporary shelter.

PRRD may not be as refined specifically when he talks, as what other people want him to be, but clearly, our alpha is doing a great job making the Philippines great one step at a time. No matter how some people try to pursue their destabilization plot, he works for what he knows that would benefit the Filipino people.

What can you say about PRRD’s accomplishments?