The Truth Shall Prevail

A large number of people rely on factual news through mainstream media. Way back in history, people rely on newspaper which eventually evolved in devices like the radio and television. Broadcast news reaches even the farthest island much more now we have mobile devices. We trust these entities so much that we believe all that they broadcast is true. However, people are now more aware that not all things we see and hear are real.


Since President Rodrigo Duterte won, there’s a clash between the supporters of the pro-government and the LP. It is no secret to many Filipinos that LP is trying their best to oust the President. These people who call themselves “decent” are doing every stint and find even the tiniest reason to make it such a big deal. But their most used tool in destroying the President’s image is the “Extra Judicial killings” and lately, the so-called “murders of the minors“. The Filipinos who are pro-Duterte are also aware that the mainstream media only shows the negative things which almost seem that they are manipulated or receiving payments from the opposing party.

The projects and success of our dear President with the team effort does not show on TV. Even the death of a minor was sensationalized to create negative image against the war on drugs by Rappler and other big media outlets like ABS-CBN and GMA. Thankfully we have the social media where we can find reliable bloggers where they based everything on facts. We have Sass Rogando Sassot, Mocha Uson, and Thinking Pinoy. They may not agree at times with some decisions, foul languages, and below the belt jest of the President but they make sure to let the people see all the good sides of the guy.

International news and sites are even interfering just like Amnesty International Nederland called the President’s supporters “internet trolls” even propagated a lie that the Philippine President is a threat which most of those who reached this branding were enraged. It may seem like the ouster of PRRD are in touch with them.

We must be vigilant and a thorough research before we believe what we see and hear. By doing such action, we won’t be drastic in judging and criticizing the leader of our country. We must keep in mind that the Philippines that suffered from the hands of selfish politicians who only think of their agenda than exercising their purpose which is serving the people is hard to give a 360-degree turn towards success. We have trusted a weak leader, let us learn to trust our strong President who only thinks of what is best for his people.