Philippines Killings are Not all Linked to the Anti-Drug War Campaign

Many people all over the world has petulantly paraded their placards and comments on the Philippine anti-drug war spearheaded by President Rodrigo Duterte without actually knowing everything on what’s happening from the inside.

This has become alarmingly rampant because this has disgraced the name of the country and the president’s underrated efforts. According to reports, the drug pushers and traffickers were given a chance to surrender while receiving a just compensation.

People brand Duterte as another version of a dictator and a mass killer, but those were just biased accounts from paid media who will twist statements just so to antagonize the president.

The president has other efforts to bring revolutionary change in this country, and this drug war has been the most infamous highlight during his early career just because of the sprouting articles that either just write about the half truths or center on the manufactured lies just so to aggravate how grave the situation is.

Just like any president, Duterte aspires for national security and a nation with high regard to morality. As citizens who voted for him to sit on the throne, we have entrusted him to take care of our country and take care of us, but many are trying to run the country because they don’t want the way his ways are executed.

But the truth of the matter is, the killings started way before Duterte’s rule. In Fact the New York times once stated that the roots of the problems can be traced to the Aquino’s administration. Follow this link to know the whole story. EJK started decades ago. But the only difference is; before, the victims are the innocents, while now, are the criminals and those who are link to illegal drugs.

As citizens, we should support the president, and if we become disagreeable then we should actually meditate on it and then gather substantial and quantitative evidence. There has been homicide cases and Philippine killings emerging, and most have been linked to Duterte’s drug war without prior investigation and just were made on mere hearsay just to feed on the drug war infamy.

Disgracing the president will stain his reputation more to other countries. This will endanger our relations and our reputation to the world instead of helping feed the negative notion to get him impeached. EJK is one issue that the destabilizers are using for Duterte’s impeachment.

But how many people power revolutions do we need to execute before we find the perfect president that we will actually support fully? Is this really a question of how he rules, or a question on how we obey? If you are too scared of this alleged massacre then why would you get scared in the first place if you are not even using drugs?

Some of us don’t want to get ruled over with a iron fist. Being under tyranny repels us because it might have already worn us down during our childhood with our strict parents. But unlike a household, a country is much more complicated to rule. Let’s not even bother to impeach a good president again.