Reds or Yellows: Who are the lesser evil?

President Duterte: He is known as the Genuine Punisher who cleansed the Davao City which is formerly tagged as the “Nicaragua f Asia.” It has been recognized that the city of Davao has the lowest crime rate in the country. As a Mayor, he has received numerous awards which he politely declines for the reason that he is just doing his job. We can recall that even DILG SEC. Mar Roxas that time was impressed and even gave an award for the Mayor’s effective leadership.
The things that this humble Mayor have done to the once notorious place in Mindanao is known in the whole country and outside the country. His simple lifestyle is one the things that the people in his jurisdiction respect him more.
For some elites, or shall I say (elites na nagbabanal banalan), for them Duterte is the Evil. He is the reincarnation of Hitler, a dictator, and a killer. But to those who witnessed his ruling in his city, he is loved for it. Why? Because all the so-called victims are the pests in the society. The rapist, the killers, the addicts and the outlaws. The law abiding citizens are the ones who benefited from this so-called Duterte’s evil doing. He once said, “I rather go to hell and let my people live in paradise.”
But, was it proven that he is behind all these killings of the criminals? No. All is just hearsays. However, he is vocal about cleansing his city from this evil doers. The alleged extrajudicial executions by vigilantes are made famous by the mainstream media. Long before the election, this issue is somewhat accepted openly, and some of the politicians even follow Duterte’s way in ruling their city.

The Yellows and the Reds

All was change when the election came. The elites, the so-called decent oligarchs under Aquino including Mar Roxas, started to throw shit to this admired man.
Duterte is not a member of the elite, and his ways is a threat to these pretentious Big Fishes in the government. They come in many forms. The so called, strong woman who tirelessly fought Duterte since He is still the Mayor until he won as the President. “the Mistress.” We all know that she belongs to the LP lineup.

She is not alone; they have the former mutineer, now an LP bark dog and the remaining yellow senators, who never gets tired in finding faults and anything they can throw to shame Duterte and make him look like the Evil one. And let me mention the Drama Queen in the person of the beautiful VP. They sympathized with the criminals, and one of them are even jailed because oof being a Drug protector. They are funded by the oligarchs here and abroad. The media is on their side. And guess what, they were supported by Aquino loyalists.

These yellows have done nothing since after the election. But they are busy with criticizing the Duterte administration and making black propaganda here and abroad. While the President is busy doing his job.
These yellows cannot compete for the numbers of the Reds in social media even outside social media. Their numbers every rally are not massive compared to the Pro Duterte Rallies. So, what did they do? According to my Yellow Friend, many of the LP loyalist owned at least five troll accounts on Facebook. They are created to condemn, to intimidate the Duterte supporters. They are set up to spread black propagandas.
Though there are also some Duterte supporters, who choose to use a fake account in voicing out their support for the Presidents so that their real account will not be tainted with politics. But many of the Pro Duterte uses their real account openly compared to the yellows and antis.

The Pro Duterte are the real people who most of the time are open to their emotions. Most of them cannot control their anger against the pretentious hypocrites. They were branded as the uneducated, disrespectful, immoral, sinners and retarded. While the Anti’s and the yellows claimed to be the decent and the intelligent.
Yellows will never accept the fact that there are intelligent Duterte supporters. They think high of themselves and always believe that they are always on the right side.
Well Well well….

To make this short, let us give the stage to the yellows. Let them enjoy the moment. Cause when the time comes that the Reds needs to unite against the real evil, our voices, our cries and our numbers will be unbearable to them.

God will never let the evil win. Whoever that is, we will soon know…