Duterte’s Personal and GlobalFlair

Being the leading contender in the Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential Leaders, Duterte is becoming an international mystery which no one can ever figure out. Amidst the heated controversies dragging his name, he remained true to himself as a leader and as a servant of this country.

What makes President Digong excitingly thrilling to his supporters and irritably unpredictable to his knockers?

His unconventional style in dealing with the Philippines’ sovereignty has taken a blizzard of arguments not just among the sovereign people of the Philippines but also among leaders of other countries and international groups and associations. He does not cringe with other countries’ reaction with his leadership, especially his war on drugs because he is aware of how deeply rooted the issue is and the only way to do it is to do it the best way that could benefit the Philippines.
No one can ever dictate the best way to solve the problem of the Philippines but someone who is from the Philippines. We, Filipinos should start thinking that we are a sovereign country and we do not need the world’s approval of what is best and what is not.

To all the Filipinos, we now have a president that is willing to fistfight for our individuality and nationality as citizens of a sovereign country. We should start embracing our being Filipinos and be proud that the Philippines is an independent country. It is about time that we stand up to be more than a domestic-helper-producing country because you and I know that we are way more than that.
Let us do our best, work hard and never be shaken with the world’s notion of what is right and what is wrong because as cliché as it may sound, the truth is, we and the rest of this world has different realities and dealing with these realities would require different ways. We are not Americans and we can never be. So, let us take a grip of our being Filipino and handle our own problems, the Filipino way.