National Security: Let’s Protect Each Other

The government is urging the country to help them fight against rebellion.  Time immemorial, rebellion has been wreaking havoc in the country and in our lives. Innocent lives have ended because of the consistent blood wrath, families were separated, and livelihood burnt down.

Recently in our country, the early days of April, gunmen were threatening the peace and order in Bohol. The latest reports from Bohol revealed that there were six armed men, three soldiers, and a policeman were killed during action last Tueday in Inabanga town when they were exchanging bullets with other gunmen who were in three speedboats.

According to a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella assured the public that the situation in Bohol are “contained” and “security forces are in control.” The malacañang also commended the sacrifice of the security forces in Bohol who responded to fulfil their duty to protect their people even if their lives were the ultimate sacrifice.

The Palace also urged the public to be watchful of suspicious groups of people and to immediately report them to the authorities. These times, all we could count on each other in order to protect each other. We could not just turn a blind eye on these dark times when people’s lives are at risk every minute when they will be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The government’s security might boast of sophisticated guns and battalions, but they also need the cooperation and attention of the country. Although some of us might not be given the chance to report suspicious actions to authorities, we could cooperate with the security procedures wherever we will go.

Examples are at the malls wherein we should not complain with the lengthy security checks with our bags and our clothes, provided of course, that they consider our boundaries, especially with women. In airports, the luggage check might tire us and extra security measures are extended when they verify our passports and documents, but we should allow them. They are not just ensuring your safety, but the safety of the passengers in the air.

Another are the checkpoints, let us be cordial to the security personnel. They might be displaying aggressive actions that will upset us, and we should remind them that they don’t need to because we are willing to obey with the procedure by the book. Let us remember that these men and women are placing their lives and their families in the line, and anytime are the tests of life and death.

Featured image from the Philippine Star