How are women after Divorce?

One of my biggest fear as a woman, is finding the wrong person to marry and ending up in a broken relationship and worst, in a broken family. But fate is most of the time out of our control. No matter how we tried to save the relationship, things just happens unexpectedly. Like at first, you promised your self to hang on just to keep the family, but you will be just surprised that one day, it is you who first gave up.

Broken families are not new in our contemporary society today. It is everywhere and anyone can be a victim. So, who are the ones who get affected by this? of course, both parties and most of all, the kids. But who really suffers the most between women and men after divorce? Here’s the summary of ideas from experts and base on real experiences.

Divorce, in any forms, could lead to physical, mental, and emotional stress. It may mean to lose someone who they had imagined a perfect life with, or to be free from the unhealthy chain that marriage brought to the two persons. Either way, it is emotionally-destructive to both sides and could possibly affect the people inside the family they had build too.

It may also mean to be away from their children, or otherwise to shoulder all the responsibilities of them. Mostly in a divorce, it is the women who experienced different symptoms during or after the separation. It includes poor health care, depression, mood swings, feeling of loneliness, anxiety, and may even decrease her self-esteem.

While studies show that most men tend to feel guilty and empty because of what happened. Usually, it is the women who break down first during the separation process. While men are good in hiding their emotions, women are always seen to be very emotionally affected along the way.

They kind of overthink about the future and how painful it would be to live without their partner, or remember every single memories they had when they were so in love. They tend to talk about it in public and share almost every single detail why their love fails, and ended up crying.

Although women are prone to a lot of emotional problems, they are known to do better after the separation. Moving on is indeed very difficult for them since they are more emotional and tenderhearted in nature. And it is much more difficult when they are still connected with their ex-partner via custody share or financial dependency.

But nevertheless, women are more capable of getting emotional support from family and friends, thus making their healing process faster than men. They also acquire great strategies to cope with the trauma such as exploring new things, traveling with friends and family, getting a haircut for a new look, and beautify the flaws they think they have. They usually have their own creative ways to heal what’s hurting them inside.


Some women take this separation an opportunity to begin a new life. With this, they can finally put down their responsibilities as a wife and live a life as a single lady. They will be able to hang out with their friends more and have their nails and hair done. They become more social and active with the gatherings than they were before.


Once they moved on, they tend to be happier and more successful for the emotional struggle had made them stronger and more matured. They will be able to develop coping skills they never knew they had and become more responsible and better individuals as a result of what they have gone through.


In nature, women are perceived to be more fragile and emotional than men, however they were created to be the smartest in coping with life’s drama. After divorce, they are expected to choose what is good for them, and it wouldn’t be easy for sure. And smart women, as far as I know, always choose happiness.