Justice Served: Piece by Piece of Land for Peace

In the Philippines, it has been a war between the government and the rebels who were a threat to national security on the equal distribution of lands to the farmers. The government has taken a step to settle it.

According to the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law of 1988 or the Republic Act no. 6657, it is the right of the farmers who are landless to be distributed and to own a piece of land to till. The act stated that there should be a distribution of lands, or in some cases, they will receive the share of the fruits thereof.

Although the provisions of the law are clearly stated, there are still reports of unequal distribution of lands or none at all. This led to the uprising of rebel groups, in one way or another, who are aiming for equal share of land distribution among many other human rights requests.

Recently in the second week of April 2017, a peace talk has again resurged to settle this decades-long war. In Netherlands, Bayan Muna Rep, Carlos Zarate of the Makabayan bloc has already “firmed up” on the agreement of land distribution according to the principles of the agrarian reform in the final fourth round of talks with the community-led National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

Zarate added that this was a “rare opportunity” for a political settlement to solve the perennial struggle in the country’s poverty rate.  There was a list of estates that the beneficiaries listed, most were owned by the elite.

New People’s Army provincial spokesperson Cleo del Mundo said that the rebels will participate in the distribution of the lands.

Justice was already long overdue that many families suffered from unfair treatment. May this be a first step in realizing the fulfilment to serve the oppressed that should have been the primary role of the government. The elite may also respond to the turning of justice to the farmers and may not sabotage any procedure in this settlement. And also, may the farmers receive their share, use it for agricultural development, and protect it.

We commend the government for initiating this settlement that may serve as the first step in resolving the dispute between the country and the rebels.

photo from DZRH News