On Duterte’s Dubbed Sexist Attacks on Women: Let’s Trust His Actions Instead

The president did not promise that everything he will say will be perfect.

His infamous “sexist remarks on women” dubbed by many arose spite from feminist groups and activists. Their spite is justified because those remarks indirectly hit women’s softest parts.

Last March 31, 2017, Friday, a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer said that Assistant Communications Secretary Marie Banaag told women in the “Digong’s Day for Women” event to forgive the president’s remarks that do not support women’s empowerment. She said that she doesn’t want to be “defensive” about it and commented that the nation did not vote for a “priest or a saint.”

According to Justice Assistant Secretary Aimee Neri in a report, she has witnessed the works of Duterte in eradicating abuse against women in Davao. Duterte ordered a special council in handling violence against women. Through this, we could justify that he does not tolerate abuse.

There might be a lot of reasons why the president have had uttered those words. Those remarks maybe rooted out from his dark humor that he shamelessly displays to lighten up issues. Another maybe rooted out from his personal experiences and come lashing out in the form of frustrating remarks, and we should not take it personally sometimes.

In the end, we should not trust the words that come out from any other person’s mouth. Yes, many promote good will and try to keep up images to live up to society’s expectations, but they themselves only know if they are genuine in wanting to help others. Though the president may have humoured his alleged attacks on women, we should not also overlook his actions in protecting women in this country.

The world has more women in commerce and government now compared to those years when women are kept at home. We have a voice now. And only us could defend it. Instead of lashing out to others, not only to the president, when they threaten our empowerment, we should work on proving our worth by being better every day and respect other’s opinions because it will reflect back at them and not at us in the end.

featured image from the Philippine Daily Inquirer