Unexpected Masculine Beauty from the Philippines who are not Celebrities

When we talk about the physical features of Filipinos, we imagine a native looking man, curly hair, brown skin and shorter in height. But because of Filipinos’ mixed influences, there are mestizos and good looking pinoy breed that became famous in social media and some of them even make it to stardom. It is because people idolized them, love to look at them and some fantasized about them.

Most of the time, we can say a man is good looking especially when he is properly dressed and groomed. Seeing someone which is the opposite, a man who is covered with dust, mud and only dressed on a faded shirt but still look handsome is something that really captivate our interest. And the first thing that comes to our mind is; “ What a waste! This man can a heartthrob or a famous model.

Unexpected faces are hidden from plain views when we are too busy walking through the streets without stealing a glance. But some have the eyes of a wandering eagle, and they couldn’t help but steal a glance and take a photo to immortalize unexpected beauties. And because of social media, anyone can now can share their photos and this undiscovered beauties can now be seen by anyone online.

  1. Rodel Laput: A young carpenter/artist from labason, Zamboanga del norte

Rodel is not your ordinary carpenter. Despite perfecting the craft of mixing cement and sawing wood, he is also an unexpected face. Tall, dark, and handsome? Rodel is a complete package. Aside from possessing a handsome face, his talent in drawing is also impressive. Think of him as the modern Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic), and you will get the picture.

  1. Jeyrick Sigmaton, Carrot Man


Edwina Bandong took a photo of this brooding handsome 21-year-old young farmer from Barlig who was unloading carrots to the truck. The photos she took and uploaded circulated rapidly in social media. He became viral and earned the title as “Carrot Man.” His photogenic face allured Boardwalk Philippines to hire him as a model.  According to reports, Filipino designer AvelBacudio is creating a clothing collection for Sigmaton. We are excited on how this handsome carrot man will become of for the next few years!

  1. Neil Galuten, Cabbage Man


After his sister uploaded his photos wherein Neil was photographed carrying cabbages with his muscular arms, it wasn’t long enough to capture the hearts and the eyes of people in social media. Many people are pleading for him to supply more vegetable for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes society turns a blind eye to people with striking characteristics brought by prejudice or simply just because we are too busy! When was the last time you actually stopped and then noticed that a beautiful red rose is blooming from a crack at a concrete wall? But lucky for us, we are given a glance at some of these men who are epitome of masculine beauty in the Philippines whom we just passed by because we thought they weren’t worth a second.