What to Do to Make Yourself Happy Everyday

There isn’t such thing as a perfect day every day, but there are some perfect ways to make it bearable and even wonderful if we did it right. Philosophers have sought the elixir through mediations, many have fought wars, erected the highest skyscrapers, and even landed on the moon just to find the essence of life and the happiness in it.

But actually, happiness starts within us. When we change how we feel inside then we change our surroundings. It’s just “reaping and sowing.”

  1. Pray. When you wake up, pray. Before you go to sleep, pray. When you feel happy, pray. When you are sad, pray. Everything feels better when we sought a Higher Being than us who could help us sort our life together.


2. Listen to good music. Make a playlist that will empower you. Avoid tunes that will just bring you down because it will put bad thoughts inside your head. Start listening to upbeat music that makes your knees dance or even just listening to classical Chopin could make you feel at ease under five minutes.

3.Avoid wasting time on social media. Jealousy is the thief of happiness. We cannot help but compare our whole lives to the portion of others’ lives. This is not healthy for us because we might end up watching others and forget living our lives. Why not browse your photographs instead? These photos have more meaning to you than the random photos you see from random people online.


4. Indulge yourself with a good drink aside from alcohol. They say that everything gets solved with espresso, or mocha, or even a glass of red wine. Yes, our favorite drink has that effect on us that makes our day end in a sweeter note. I am a certified caffeine addict, but I just drink it in moderation. No one should judge you what drink suits you, but of course, moderation is key.


You yourself could make you happy and internal validation is actually the answer. If we search for happiness somewhere then we could never find it because happiness is like a seed planted in our hearts. If we fail to water it then it might as well die along with our spirit. Be happy today! You are alive!


Featured photo from huffingtonpost.com