Reincarnation: Rally the Miriam Defensor-Santiago Way

Intelligence, humor and sarcasm indeed runs in the blood. This has been verified when Paula Knack, the younger sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago started making rounds in Facebook when she defended the Duterte Administration and she did it the MDS way.

September 2016 when the whole nation mourned the death of one of the country’s pillars of justice and defender. She may lost the election but she certainly did not lost the respect and admiration of the Filipino people. In every controversy, her reaction is something that all Filipinos look forward to and months after her death, a lot of us felt lost. We certainly miss her funny antics in the middle of serious issues and controversies. Thank heavens, her sister is a lot like her!


Now, as to the message which she has strongly communicated to the Filipino people, it is no longer new that the media tries to manipulate the truth by spreading false stories and facts. We have felt this during the heated election campaign period, we have seen how bias they were (still are) in highlighting anything bad about the Duterte administration and patronize the LPs and we have witnessed how they entertain shallow news such as the unending useless barks of Mr. Trillanes (can’t even dare to address him as senator).

Ever wonder why Mocha Uson’s page rocketed to the top spot compared to other media platforms? Are you still in shock why a lot of people prefer going to social media sites to get “news” instead of depending on mainstream media?

The opposition’s desperation is so evident that they will do everything just to be in power once again. Let us take the recent stunt of our “supposedly” Vice President Leni Robredo in the UN narcotics body as an example of this desperation which will not only affect the current administration but the whole Filipinos as well, including the OFWs all over the world. Yes, desperation at its finest at the expense of all Filipinos.