The White-Kissed Resort: Solaj Beach Resort

Sun-kissed sand warming your feet, sunset paintings across the horizons, picturesque rock assemblies, and endless stretch of white-painted haven houses are the promises of welcome upon your dwelling. Located in Banigan, Liloy Zamboanga del Norte, Solaj Beach Resort is your paradise in the middle of chaos.



It boasts of its swimming pool that is calling for you to dip your toes when the sun is up and with that watermelon shake by your hand and your wide brim hat on top of your head. Oh, sounds like summer? Yes, this is how you spell summer: chasing the midday sun by submerging into the coolest waters.


Is taking snaps going to be your summer project? The interiors of these white-painted havens could match your modern taste combination of minimalism and elegance. Don’t forget to paint your Instagram and Facebook with an artistic swoon over the rock formations scattered across the beach. The surroundings are perfect for the perfect picture that could translate a relaxing and peaceful vibe.


Solaj Beach Resort is the place wherein time is still even just for a day or two. You only need friends and your loved ones to bring in order to complete your weekend paradise. Imagine your feet kissing the sand and submerging in the coolest waters. Display the photos inside your mind before you could take them. The picturesque gardens and the sophisticated interiors would take care of your backgrounds.

Life is not black and white. Sometimes it’s collecting sea shells and then maybe chasing a toddler under the midday sun. Staying in?  Isn’t that too monotonous for your adventurous spirit? We all know that we need to get out sometime because we need to refresh our souls and experience life, unless you are total recluse, but of course, just like the rest of us, you love beaches.


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