How to Write an Effective Young Adult Novel that will Actually Sell

There is something about the coming-of-age books that will always be special at the bookstore. These novels are easily adapted to the big screen and will be the pedestal of culture among the youth.

We could not deny the fan base of the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer when we swoon over the vampire and the wolf. And of course, J.K. Rowling is a living legacy as the creator of the Harry Potter series that the magic will never be cast aside. We know that you dream of becoming just like that. If only you could dig up that story that are hiding in your mind whenever you watch those teenagers painting graffiti by the walls and getting chased by the police after.
The good news? Well, you could write that story. You could be the next young adult novelist that you could be. How? You should know by now, but maybe you could take three hints here:
1.) Read in your genre that you want to write about. Even young adult novels have genres. It does not only exclude itself as a comedy story that happens in school, but mostly school is always a big part of the young adult genre. It has many genres that include romance, horror, and science fiction. Reading will help you with your writing abilities, and it is important if you want a publishing deal. Books and sharpening writing abilities go hand in hand.

2.) Observe teenagers where they actually are. Some authors would even enroll in classes at a university just to get some inspiration of how young adults are these days. Keep an open mind and listen to how they talk to each other. You could even draw from your own experiences during your young adult days.

3.) Listen to their music. Each generation has their own music. In order for you to reach them, you must listen to how their hearts speak, and music is usually the outlet they turn to.

Happy writing!

Featured photo from Buzzfeed

(Royanni Miel Hontucan)