Hearsay and Defences: Duterte’s Drug War, a War against Humanity?

A report being branded as “thoughtless and irresponsible” by the Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella must be a blow to its credibility.

A Human Rights Watch report stated that the Philippine National Police is responsible for the alleged killings in the drug’s war. According to Abella, the ones killed allegedly opted for “self-defense” during the drug raids headed by the PNP that eventually got them killed.

The palace kept on saying that this propaganda is based on attacking President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war. There are reports that stated that the alleged drug war is “an attack on the humanity.”

With these debates, the truth must be very hard to uncover as there are many authorities circling around reports being released to the public. Each authority has its principles and goals, either to support the government or to oppose.

How do we know the intentions of the one who drafted the report in the first place? How do we know if the organization flavors their reports according to their political preferences? How do we also know if these alleged accounts of killing were unfortunately done because of a heated point and shoot encounter only? How do we determine if the palace is not conspiring with the police to violate human rights in winning the drug eradication war?

There are many shady areas when it comes to sprouting reports. We should know which ones are credible and which ones we should take account of because we are critical thinkers. We should not be swayed by our personal political preference because at the end, we should be vigilant in protecting each other’s rights. We should delve further into the issue. We should not only base our assumptions on one report or how the palace answers the media.

When we take a stand, we should know how to back it up with solid evidence and not hearsay only. (Royanni Miel M. Hontucan)

featured image from hakam.org.my