The Truth shall Vanish all “Manufactured Lies”

The life of Senator Leila De Lima has been a circus of “alleged crimes” and “silent enemies.” Last February 23, 2017 was the order of her arrest by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group at her own home, but she reportedly went in a rush to the senate premises and then held a press conference wherein she expressed her sentiments toward the Duterte regime and called out to the Filipino people to be the stewards of protecting human rights. (Full text of De Lima’s speech: )

She defended herself in her speech that her only defense is honor and integrity, claiming that as the most “outspoken critic” of the president’s questionable means of eradicating drug use, they are trying to silence her by manufacturing lies that will lead her into prison.

            Although publicly shamed and branded as the Public Enemy’s No. 1, De Lima still managed to fight for her integrity in front of the people. Futile it may be or as comically tragic it may look like, she managed to face the media on the night when she will be captive just to call out to the Filipino people. Who are we to deny her privilege in trying to steer her name clear? It is up to De Lima’s knowledge on what intention was she trying to get across when she faced the public. If it is for soliciting mercy from the Filipino people then she could not expect another People Power Revolution in her favor because she has to face her trials alone through the teeth of our country’s justice.

If her intention was to provoke Duterte’s administration with her utter rage in accusing the president of violating human rights then her sedition will not aid her in gaining assistance from the executive branch that may have been open for settlements with her.  

Nevertheless, we commend her for igniting our vigilance in becoming the watchdogs of the government, not only in the executive branch but in all branches as well. Let us brace ourselves for the turnout of her trials and hope that the truth will always prevail.

Let us hope that the government will not only dwell in navigating through the trial circus of De Lima but continually expose the politicians who abused their power for their own interests that violated our trust. Through this, De Lima’s complaint that she is being the sole center of the wrath of the Duterte’s administration will be dismissed. Once and for all, everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and at the judgment day of our Lord.