Another People Power: Another ‘Scapegoat’ Movement for Tantrums

Social media has changed the platform of intellectual debates that were mere exchanged in private round table discussions, or as casual during waiting in line at the supermarket. Political reforms have now been publicly scrutinized by the virtual citizens with their flares and tantrums.

Scrolling through the timeline, I came across Atty. Bruce Villafuerte Rivera’s post on his displeasure over the upcoming rally against the current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The rally is organized by the group SilentNoMorePH and will be held on February 25, 2017 along EDSA White Plains Avenue.

The rally’s team is “Coalition” that aimed to ignite a rally to get our country’s rights back. The rally is timely because this month, we celebrate the People Power Revolution of February 1986 against the former President Ferdinand Marcos who declared dictatorship.

According to Atty. Rivera, the people who declared another rally are “selfish” because they act like their country is being taken from them just because they don’t want the way the current president is leading. Of course, there will never be a “perfect president” wherein everybody will side on, but we should give Duterte a chance to make our country a better place.

Sure, he surprises the media a lot with his public disclosures on “reviving death penalty” (death penalty: ) and widely infamous “objectifying women through sarcasms,” (objectifying women: but it doesn’t mean that the president has just been addressing those concerns.

He signed the executive order of the Freedom of Information (please click here for the news: that will “grant access to information, official records, public records, and to documents, and papers pertaining to official acts, transactions, or decisions, as well as to government research data used as basis for public document” last July 2016.

Filipinos who are devoted to the teachings of the Roman Catholicism are especially mortified when he threatened six daily executions once the death penalty is revived.  It is understandable that we are threatened by the potential of a dictatorship, but is it worth organizing a rally for and succumbing to a near barbaric attempt wherein we already sacrificed lives before? Or is this just another escape for bashing the president for our greed in running the country through our own ways?

According to a Duterte supporter who commented at Atty. Rivera’s post, the “real people power” happened when we elected Rodrigo Duterte as president in 2016 because she believed that he is the best person who could address the nation’s problems with an iron fist. She also mentioned that the people who will rally are “power-grabbers.”
Though the ”divided support” of the Filipino people, the president is continuing on signing bills and orders especially the full implementation of the controversial Reproductive Health Law (RH law: ) that earned him support from his loyalists and more bashing from the people against him.

This is clear that our president do not adhere to the popular people’s wants because he is adhering to the beat of his own. There is no wonder why the threat of dictatorship has gone afloat again because of his iron ways in leading the country.

But if then we will put down Duterte from the position, who are we going to replace him for? Do we really want another puppet that we will stitch and will entertain us? And if our puppet no longer serves us because it has somehow grown its own will then are we going to organize another revolution?
Is this the answer? A revolution all the time? What’s the difference then from us and from a spoiled five-year-old kid?

I’ll tell you what. We throw tantrums until we win with flares.

By: Royanni  Miel Hontucan

P.s: The article is from a Siliman University student. The Website does not promote any political personality nor advertise any groups. Whatever is posted here is the opinion of the author. Anyone is welcome to share their thoughts too..