Another Insurgents Surrendered under Duterte’s Rule…

Duterte’s cussing and immediate actions have caused fears to some members of the Rebel groups. (though I personally, hate his Cussing, I can say that “that did it!) On the President First Sona meeting, six NPA has surrendered. Since February 1, 2017  there are ten insurgents have turned themselves to the government, and last February 8, 2017, another two rebels in Agusan del Sur surrendered to the military citing “frustration of leadership” and “fear of the incoming army offensive.”

The two rebels Jerry Petelo and Rany Ayawon stated that they still have many rebel companions share the same sentiments with them, and planning to surrender. Some of them have already left their unit.

Well, all I can say, he may not be the kind of President that we want, but his ways seem effective in instilling fears to the criminals and the insurgents. As far as we can remember, he is indeed a unique President in the Philippine history.

He is so vocal, and always blurted out words that are not proper for a Government servant, and he curse without remorse. He is not pretentious, and he gets the job done. These are the reasons why the majority of the Filipino, respects and supports his advocacy.

Yes, he may have failed on some agenda, failed some of his promises, but he is doing his best to fulfill it. Like the SSS pension increase and the War on Drugs to finish in 6 months. But above all, we have seen the result. It may not be the result that he has promised but most of us are aware of his efforts and recognized the significant change.

He is not the perfect President that we want. He has failures and so the other past presidents. But the people love his genuinity. His choice of words and his vulnerability to anger can instill fears to those who have violated the law.

Because of those cussing and threatening, this is the first time in Philippine history that numerous drug addicts and pushers and even protectors have surrendered. And now, it is working on the insurgents too.

P.s Genuinity is not a word, but it is the best that describes my context. I rather use genuinity than genuineness.

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