“Cravings of my Soul”

When the blue days come,

 I’m always craving for some,

I wanna drink tasty champagne of man,

I wanna do things no one ever can.

 I wanna lift my hands not so high,

And will shout out my beautiful lie,

Then I will grasp it so tight,

So it can feel my torrid might.

I remember when the rainy days came,

 That’s the time I am craving and so in pain,

My soul is thirsty tremendously,

My lips are longing faithfully.

My demons are screaming everywhere,

 They restrained me, that’s not fair,

They want me to do those crazy stuffs,

 And it made me sick with an endless cough.

Now I’m afraid the bloody days will come,

 I feel ashamed now, I don’t know,

 I just don’t want to crack my closet,

I’m selfish and it’s on my mindset.

 I’m afraid those freaks will come back,

The jaws are weary and don’t wanna suck,

But they are a great alterer and persuader,

So I’ll end up pondering and just be their follower.

And now I’m hoping for the better days to come,

 And I hope my cravings will be gone,

Where there will be no longing and thirst,

And there’ll be no plunderer nor fierce.

 But there are times I am missing the blue days,

Cause it molds me and made me invulnerable,

For now in behalf of my deepest feelings,

Stop relying on me, cause I’m started craving. Again.

by: Melan Choly


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