Finding Gems in Mindanao 2

Did you know that a study from Washington shows that going to a beach has a lot of benefits to you and your well-being?

If some people are worried on the threats of the beach to them; threats like a storm, tidal waves, the sun burns, here is the good news: there are the group of scientist that conducted a research and proved that going to the beach is good for well- being. And personally, I agree to that.

I love the beach since I was a kid. But there was a period in my life that beach scares me. Specifically the heat of the sun, and the salty water. I mean, I don’t want to get sunburned and become darker. However, as I grow more mature, my perception of the beach has changed, as it becomes a perfect subterfuge from a stressful day.

Luckily, I live in the place where the coasts are lined with white and clean beaches. Our province has a lot of undiscovered gems that the internet world have not yet seen. So compared to the famous beach advertised in the travel blogs and the mainstream media, our beaches are more serene, not crowded and not polluted. That is the best thing of being less traveled. And Me and my Bestfriend have planned that we would unveil all these hidden beauty to the world. ( dreaming)

Hunasan Beach Resort Bobongan

The moment I experience how the atmosphere and the ambiance in the beach soothe my troubled thoughts once and give me the relaxation that a noisy resort could not offer, I have decided to search for beaches that people have not known yet.
Together with my best friend and brother, we started in places near to us.

The province of Zamboanga may not have a very nice reputation when it comes to peace. But I assure you, that those news are purely exageration of the media. There are many safe places here that are worth discovering.

If you are an ocean lover and tired of going to the expensive, crowded resorts, maybe this is the perfect time to start discovering the undiscovered. Because, these are the kind of place that offers the perfect haven for relaxation, meditation and soul searching.
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