Identifying trolls..


Who are the trolls and who are not?

The most heated arguments today is; who are the trolls and who are not. It is a battle of words between the pro Admins and the Anti admins that in most cases has instilled hatred caused by heated arguments and worsen the division in our country.
But really, let us forget that there are Dutertards and Yellowtards for now. Let us place ourselves in between and think of all the facts.

The question to answer is; How can we identify a troll?

A troll is someone that uses nicknames or most of the time stayed anonymous when joining a discussion. Some of them may use civil words, but most of them use foul language, insults and use memes with qoutes of sarcasm just to create hatred to the targeted person.

They are good of accusing and can make you believe that you are the stupid and the uninformed. They are excellent in turning your words against you by twisting your statements. They can say whatever is in their mind and they can even hit you below the belt. Anyway, they have nothing to be scared off because their identity is hidden. And one troll owns more than 2 or more fb accounts.
A troll does not care if they have violated some rules and regulations in the forum. It is because when they are blocked, they can always make another anonymous account and they can always jump from one thread to another.

Identifying a troll is easy. If this troll is using the Facebook, then check for the number of friends he has and if you notice that there only a few or if it is hidden, then beware. If you can see his list of friends, check the location, If most of the people in the friend’s list came from different countries, then it means that the account is not real.

Check the photos. Can you see in his album pictures of his family? In one of those photos or that one photo that he uses as a profile pic, check the likes and the comments, if these comments are made by real people with real FB account.  And if those commentators are added to his friend’s list just recently, then the account is questionable.

There are many easy ways to spot a troll online. It does not takes intelligence to identify one.

Real people with real FB accounts, uses their pictures; the Fb account is usually older, and on their friend’s list, you can see their family members, colleagues, classmates, and a group of people with the same location with the account’s owner and etc. Most of her friends would comment on her timeline, and you can see a friendly exchange of comments somewhere in her timeline post.

Trolls may have many posts on their timeline, but you can never see a friend commenting or an  exchange friendly of words. Most of the time, if there are likes and comments,  the commentators and the likes of the troll’s post are also from troll accounts or from friends that are recently added.

And one more thing, you cannot accuse someone a troll if he is using real pictures and especially if he is using Facebook live everyday.

Trolls  want to make you angry, upset, confused, and exasperated. They want to take over the conversation and reframe it as an analysis of how wrong or stupid you supposedly are.
Learn how to recognize a troll quickly, and you’ve won half the battle.

Mess with them briefly to expose their true nature to others in the audience or the discussion, then kick them to the curb by leaving the conversation. If necessary, report the troll to an administrator.

And now. Who are the trolls and who are not?

source:Steven Streight