Social Media and the Philippines’ Issue on Unity

Decades ago, people are struggling to maintain the communication and relationship because of the distance. Working and studying abroad were luxuries we cannot afford before. However, social media and technology have made the world become smaller, more accessible and reachable to everyone.

Communication is made possible even in the opposite sides of the world. Nowadays, one’s business is becoming everyone’s concern and alas against one another.  Surely, social media has played a vital role in making everyone closer to one another whether to be united with each other or to fight against each other; it has made this world a lot smaller.

After the historical victory of the former Davao City Mayor, now president of the Philippines, Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte, a lot of people hoped that the gap and name calling in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will subside. Everyone hopes that the “Yellowtards” will stop criticizing the president-elect and instead start supporting his programs. The “Dutertards” are also expected to be more calm and forgiving to all those people who doesn’t share the same ideals with them.

However, after the election, the battle has become more personal and the attacks are more intense. The recent appointment of Mocha Uson, a former-sexy-star-turned-advocate-and-blogger as a board member of the MTRCB has brought hodge-podge of reactions from “netizens”. A lot of people have thrown degrading words at her and questioned her credibility basing from her sexy image in the past. Apparently, her sexy image has marked even more than her MedTech degree and her college diploma (Yes, sarcasm is needed here.)

With all the glorious and great things that social media has brought into humanity, one of the most disturbing is the fact that it became easier for everyone to criticize, be angry and become less sensitive to another person’s feelings. Social media is a great tool for everyone to be updated and feel closer to each other. However, are we willing to lose our humanity over this technology?  The Philippines, with its more than 7 thousand islands has never been this divided before. This fact, my friends should be something that should be pondered about.