How to deal with the new challenges after College

College is over! So what’s next?

Graduation from college is a great achievement by everyone. Truly, it is the only treasure that cannot be stolen from us. The diploma from college is the best weapon we can arm for ourselves against the battle in real life. Indeed I am giving my thumbs up to all college graduates in the world.

I know you are now in the state of wondering what’s next for you after college or what your future holds. Some may perceive college as a most important goal but in reality it is simply a stepping stone to other future life achievements.Many hates the struggles in college but still work hard to finish it, for a brighter future.  It does not guarantee that a graduate in college will automatically land a job. Part of the escapade is really figuring out who you are and what you value.

Sometimes you even discover that the thing you love in reality is different from the program you finished in college. So what’s next for you after college? Again, college graduation will never give you an assurance to a very bright future. This is not a discouragement but a challenge for you to be stronger when reality strikes you.

It is true when others will say that graduation is not the end but just a beginning of real battle. At this point, you are facing two pathways. Actually, there are many pathways to mention. And it is you who will decide what path to take. You have the option to choose between work or you will proceed to graduate degrees.

If you choose to work, you have to decide between Work A and Work B. you may also take the path of working within the community or flying abroad. You also have to choose whether you will live with your parents or will you live by your own. And other option to choose.

  • The very first decision anyone has to decide is to choose between landing a job or to enroll in a graduate school. Others even try to land in a job and enroll at the same time. The key in here is a very good time management. But the secret in choosing what to take is hearing what your heart really beats , what your mind can bear and if your physically ready to work or for another batch of books to study or both.
  • Be true to what your heart desire. Be persistent and patient. If you decide to work, you should decide what work you really want to be part with. Many college graduate are still undecided what and where to work after graduation. The worst scene in here is switching from one job to another job from time to time. In this case, you have to carefully asses what your heart really desire. And what is your real passion. If there are two or three gates of opportunities, carefully choose one.
  • Accept the work wholeheartedly and enjoy every single moment of your working hours. Don’t stress yourself. In any case that you have difficulty in finding decent job, be persistent and patient. Best jobs for you will always come at the right time. At this point, I believe you are still undecided and blind about what really happens after college.
  • Don’t stress yourself. Learn to enjoy life. Learn to reward yourself some reward of happiness for a job well done in your undergrad. Real life is a battle but don’t rush life. Chill. Learn to follow your heart but using your mind at the same time. Be mature. You are not a student anymore. Try to be independent. List all your priorities and always achieve your goals. Be inspired and be an inspiration.


by: Ct Rayhana