Halo Halo in Cold season?

When something amazed my tastebuds, I really can’t help but talk about it, write about it and taste it over and over again”

The truth is, I don’t fancy cold desserts much because I get this runny nose and sneezes afterwards. But when my friend took me to this new place in town  to try their halohalo and fried chicken, well it leaves us speechless and thinking to come back for more.

Everytime, my friend ordered halo halo in a restaurant, I always look for one ingredient, and when I cant find it, then I will not order it. But in ZN HUB they got it all in one.. . Thank you for that!. Sneezing and runny nose after a glass of their Halohalo is all worth it..

Their halo halo is a perfect description of completeness.  Me and my buddy will spend our bonding hours trying every fast foods and comparing every menu from the other. And  I can say that they have the best halo halo in town.

I love sweets and this cold desserts offers all the sweetness in the world; lechen flan, sweet cream, macapuno, icecream and fruits… These four main ingredients put their halo halo to the top of my list. To hell with the ice cold ice! 🙂

And one thing more, their fried chicken is the crispiest in town… the Kids love it…



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