When I tell you not to talk to me ever again”, Please don’t listen.

Because Everytime you are not around, I kept checking my inbox if I got a message from you. And it makes me sad when it is not from you.

when I told you, that I don’t want to see you anymore; please stay. Al I need is an assurance that you will never leave me no matter what.

I need you to show me, that I got a big space in your heart. I need to see, that you are incomplete without me. Like I always feel whenever you are far.

When we fight and I tell you to forget me because I can forget you easily, please don’t believe me. What I really want is for you to make me feel that I will never be alone.

If I say; “I hate You,” It may be true because of the pain you have caused me. But trust me, It is only temporary and an outburst of anger, because I could never hate someone who means the world to me.

I have a lot of issues in my life, and you have accepted it all. You will lose your patience someday, so all I ask is to wait a little longer for me to heal. For me to change, and for me to trust again

I lied many times. I and couldn’t help it… Do not believe my words always.  

So when I tell you to go away, please stay…

by: Lavender