Broke the Ice: The Conversation of Two of the World’s Controversial Presidents

contributor: Karla Mae Lagunde

It was the 2nd of December when news broke stating that PPRD or President Rodrigo Roa Duterte reached out to the infamous newly elected president of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

The news said that while there were nasty rumours between the two countries and its leaders, Duterte made the first step and called Trump, sending his congratulatory message. With the video of the alleged conversation out in the public, it was seen that Duterte was all chuckles during the said exchange of words.

According to reports, Trump is backing up Duterte on his war on illegal drugs but will not meddle with the country’s internal affairs. Duterte added that Trump understood his method in suppressing the drug problem that has been plaguing the country for quite some time now.

Duterte also shared that he believes that Trump will be an effective leader of the USA. In their conversation, Trump also extended his sincere greetings to the Filipino people. He even invited Duterte to come and visit New York and Washington DC.

He added that Trump wants to be informed if Duterte is within the vicinity. And in return, Duterte also encouraged Trump to grace the 2017 ASEAN Summit with his presence. And since the Philippines will be the host country for the summit, Duterte sees this as an opportunity to rebuild the strained relationship of both countries due to the inaccurate news events exchanged by the media and social networking sites.

Duterte also said that he believes that this will strengthen the bond between the two countries. Duterte revealed that in the few minutes that they’ve talked, he already established a good rapport with the soon to be president elect Donald Trump.

Although they have not tackled the issue regarding the BPO industry and its status, Duterte is confident enough that the next US government will be sound enough and reasonable enough to weigh the advantages and the benefits of having Filipino workers in the BPO industry.

As spectators, all we can do for now is to wait as these presidents unfold their plans to better the condition of their subordinates.

source: news