Facts: What it takes to have that sexy, tight abs…

Here is the fact.

There is no secret in losing weight. Whatever you saw on the internet about losing your belly in just days, or burning a tremendous amount of calories just by taking a diet pill, all of those are a just hoax. It could work, but only for a while, and you are risking your health big time. This truth will surely disappoint many of those who rely on weight loss products just to be sexy.

But, let me tell you frankly. Losing weight safely and effectively takes time, effort and even pain. Yes! It is definitely, a no-pain-no-gain process. Though you can get rid of that unwanted baggage without pain, expect that it will take longer than undergoing a costly process. And not all are succesful at the end.
Sounds disappointing?

Well, let me clear it up for you. It is not so hard as it seems. What I mean with pain, aside from surgery; you can lose your fat effectively by intense workout and proper diet. When I say proper diet, I don’t mean eating less.An intense workout means, some crunches, push-ups and lying flat on my back with legs 90 degrees up. It may be easy to those who exercise regularly, but to those who are not used to it, it will be a struggle and painful at first. (Trust me, I’ve been there too) If you want to get those tight abs, it will take self-discipline and patience to achieve your goal.

Here is a real Story of a Single Mother Marycel, who successfully achieved her goal of having that tight tummy without taking any slimming pills or surgery. On the picture below, you can see the big difference. So what did she do to have that flat, toned abs?

According to Marycel, She disciplined herself to follow a certain routine. She is a working single mother, so she always does her exercise before going to bed at night and during her day off. And here is the good news; Marycel did not starve herself just to trim down. Apart from the most common advice that you have to eat less to lose weight, Marycel’s diet is the opposite of what we usually do when we want to slim down. She still enjoy eating delicious and nutritious meal.

Having sexy tight abs does not entail that you have to sacrifice your urge to eat, as what most the so-called experts say. She still eats healthy nutritious food 3 x a day but only, and even take snacks ad chocolates, but limiting her intake of carbohydrates and pork meat. She eats substantial breakfast and lunch to start the day and have the energy to work and workout later. Anyway, she will burn those for the whole day’s work. To simplify that; Eat more but sweat more. But remember if you want to speed it up, Sweat more, eat enough, drink more.

After six really works and it helps to speed up the process. When I saw the result on Marycel, It made me realize that those slimming pills and that moment of depriving ourselves to eat the food we want are just useless. It could work for a while, but once you stop the ordeal, it will only results to gaining more weight than usual.

Following Marycel’s example, I started to workout and stop my usual diet which is to eat less.  My exercise routine only involves crunches, 5 counts of push-ups and lying flat on my back with feet in the air, and it indeed gave me a lot of pain during the first five days. But afterward, it becomes easier for me, and I can do up to 30 crunches per night. And still continuously drinking green tea  (follow this link to learn about green teaginger tea, for it has anti-oxidation agents that also helps in cleaning our body from toxins and thus aids in losing weight.

And Alas! It works! In just one week, my belly fats lessen that I can confidently wear a two piece now.


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  1. This is definitely true. There is no magic in lossing weight. It takes time and work. I do crunches 3 times a week and i still eat lot. Luckily i still have a flat tummy.

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  2. Green tea an really help you lose those unwanted fats. but it will be more effective if you drink water lemon before breakfast or squeeze lemon on your tea


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