Silence the witnesses. Attempt on silencing the Social Media.Who would benefit? Isn’t it obvious?

The death of former Mayor Espinosa just stated the obvious. He is a drug protector, but he is one of the strongest witnesses the Duterte’s admin could have. So who will benefit from his death? Of course, those Bigger names that are involved in illegal drugs. On Espinosa’s affidavit, he mentioned some police officers, lawyers, prosecutors, media men, politicians and even Sen Leila Delia. Now, without Espinosa, his affidavit will not stand in court, and it will definitely weaken the case.

It is clear that despite the administration’s war on drugs, and cleansing among the PNP and politicians, there are still remaining “ninja cops” in the PNP. These ninja cops are still in uniforms performing their duty – which is to protect their Masters (Drug Lords and Drug protectors).

Going back to the previous incident related to witnesses. Jayvee Sebastian also suffered the same fate with Mayor Espinosa. Only, he was lucky enough to survive. Before Sebastian could testify on the Kamara hearing, a riot has taken place in Bilibid Prison resulting the death of some prisoners and Sebastian being stabbed. He believed that the intention of stabbing him was to silence him.

The Drug Lords and the Drug protectors will fight to protect their names. Silencing these witnesses is one of their solutions. Could it be also silencing the social media is included in their plans? Because as we can see; majority of the netizens are supporting the current admin. Though there are many fake FB accounts or troll accounts spreading hatred and bitterness against the admin, they are still outnumbered.

I just hope that the PNP will be more careful and meticulous in trusting their fellow police officers. The President and Gen. Bato should give justice to Espinosa’s’ murder. Someone must answer for it. Mayor Espinosa, surrendered because he trusts that the Duterte admin can keep him safe. And because of his death, the case will weaken, and this incident is a slap to the current administration.

With these incidents, the dark forces are doing their best to win the war. They still have the connections and the money. So we must expect more deaths of witnesses. There are still tainted cops on the loose.

sources: newscentralph, sunstar