Moving on is a matter of acceptance

Once in our life, we will meet someone not by chance, but for a reason. They may stay for awhile to turn your world upside down. You may learn to love them, or possibly hate them at the end. What matter most, are the memories you will create with them, and the lessons you will learn from them. They may become your worst enemy sometime, maybe for long. But keep in mind that they are Heaven sent, here to teach you something. And even make you stronger. Never regret, nor plant hatred. Instead, just smile and say; “Thanks for the roller coaster ride”.

I have told you that I regret the day I met you. I was so mad that I thought I could hate you forever. But thanks for the good times we shared. It always brings back the feeling of belongingness. The sense of being loved. But then, I come to realize, meeting you has a reason. You are not here to stay forever with me. And that’s the reason why we always have this fight.

You came to my life when I needed someone to lean on. You are heaven sent. And I vowed to keep you forever. But things doesn’t always go my way. And it comes to the point that we both need to give up. To retain the good memories and to avoid fueling up the hatred. We are different. And we can’t be together. It is sad. It is heartbreaking, but I have to accept the fact that you are not meant for me.

Loving you is indeed, a roller coaster ride.