Chinese Economy Surpasses U.S

The current Philippine President confidently announced his separation from the US, economically and from is military forces. Many of his critics and even supporters were anxious about his decision. However, the said announcement is yet to be clarified but the President himself if he means it. As we all knew that President Duterte often said things with deeper meaning.

If ever the President really means what he just announced during his visit to China, many politic analysts believed that his decision would only benefit our country. Well, let us discuss the economy of both US and China. The US have been the world’s largest economy for about 140 years. But recently, CHINA surpassed their economic status by at least one measure of total economic strength.

In fact, US owe CHINA $1.185 trillion, as of August 2016. So alliancing with CHINA is not bad after all. It is for the country’s benefit and the Filipino people. The President clearly aims to gain more by getting donations from China and inviting more investors.
President Duterte received a warm welcome from CHINAS during the visit on which the other Presidents did not get. This is a sign of respect and trust. And I hope threat the new relationship of the Philippines and China will result to a peaceful solution for WPS dispute.

If these moves are the President’s strategy to solve the WPS dispute and to improve our economy and so, to assist in resolving the illegal Drug trading in our country, then we will just pray that he will win this game.