Destabilize Philippines via ICC

The critics or the Anti-Admin will never stop until they achieve their goal which is to oust President Duterte.  They have started their moves through black propagandas with the help of corporate media. While we are busy on the war of drugs issues, De Lima, and EJK, someone from the Anti Administration has sought the help of the International Criminal Court.

Destabilizing the Philippines Via ICC. With the authorization of ICC judges, the ICC prosecutor can conduct their own investigation to EJK in the Philippines. And because of this attention is given to the ICC, the US and the European country can use it to impose economic sanctions against our country. When this happens, it would be illegal for any of their companies to invest in the Philippines

Below is the full statement of the Prosecutor of the ICC.


Statement of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda concerning the situation in the Republic of the Philippines

My Office is aware of worrying reported extra-judicial killings of alleged drug dealers and users in the Philippines, which may have led to over 3,000 deaths in the past three months. I am deeply concerned about these alleged killings and the fact that public statements of high officials of the Republic of the Philippines seem to condone such killings and further seem to encourage State forces and civilians alike to continue targeting these individuals with lethal force.

Extra-judicial killings may fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (“ICC” or “Court”) if they are committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population pursuant to a State policy to commit such an attack.

The Republic of the Philippines is a State Party to the ICC and as such, the Court has jurisdiction over genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed on the territory or by nationals of the Philippines since 1 November 2011, the date when the Statute entered into force in the Philippines.

Let me be clear: any person in the Philippines who incites or engages in acts of mass violence including by ordering, requesting, encouraging or contributing, in any other manner, to the commission of crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC is potentially liable to prosecution before the Court.

My Office, in accordance with its mandate under the Rome Statute, will be closely following developments in the Philippines in the weeks to come and record any instance of incitement or resort to violence with a view to assessing whether a preliminary examination into the situation of the Philippines needs to be opened.

What can an ordinay Filipino citizen do to help?

Since the ICC will be closely watching the Philippines now through corporate media , the people can support the Administration by counteracting the black propagandas.

We can do it by commenting in English when defending bias news and black propaganda post against the Administration. Let us not tolerate fake news even if it is Pro admin.

Let us not pick a fight with the critics but answer only with the truth and base your point with a credible source. It is not much of an effort, and it does not guarantee that we will win, but voicing out our support will surely help. And if our voice in social media will be ignored, at least, we have shown the world that we are the majority.

In this way, even though the ICC is fed up with lies by the Anti Admins, the voice of the majority can be heard. Let us just hope that ICC will side with the majority and not to those few critics whose aim is to destabilize the current admin. Rallies and any act of activism will only worsen the issue. Let us show the world that majority of the Filipino supports the fight against criminality.


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  1. ICC will go to relatives of victims and alike. These people will be questioned, so what you post in Facebook and other social media will have little or no impact on the ICC approach. Remember, ICC has run this multiple times before.

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  2. Past administrations of the Philippines I would say was crap…increase of corruptions, drugs , and criminalities are in our country. I been working abroad since 2000 and if ever I go home .I always have that fear in me. Pick pocketing, kidnapping, killing will always come to my mind..meaning our country that time was not safe..tanim Bala ni the airport made me really scared in going home…the time of duterte’s campaign catches my attention about eradicating drug menace, corruption and criminalities by declaring WAR ON DRUGS…. since then my FULL SUPPORT for President Duterte is strong….Now, what will you expect with war on drugs ????? Of course it must be bloody because the military are really chasing those criminals; drug addicts , drug Lords and if they resist they gonna be killed .it can’t be denied sometimes that there will also be innocent lives be lost ….I know that the anti administration are trying to oust the our president..HONESTLY it’s only now I can feel the safety and changes in our country…corruption has been stopped ang more than 7,000 surrendered drug addicts..Our President is not corrupt and he us dedicated and loyal to our country and fellowmen….we live our present president. Yes , he can be nasty with his mouth but I would say he has a pure and clean heart …he loves his people and his country and even ready to die for it fighting for his country..I was crying and very touch with what he said that if something happens to him it us by God’s grace that it is part of his DESTINY….COME TO THINK OF IT GUYS IN ICC ….WE LOVE OUR PRESIDENT DUTERTE. HE JUST CAME ON TIME BEFORE OUR COUNTRY BECOMES A NARCOTIC STATE .and we don’t want that .GOD GAVE US PRESIDENT DUTERTE IN PERFECT TIMING IN WHICH OTHER FILIPINOS DON’T UNDERSTAND..instead of UNITY They are trying to pull him down….Lastly FOR ICC, AND INTERNATIONAL MEDIA……WE WILL FIGHT FOR OUR PRESIDENT TILL THE LAST FIGHT……GOD IS IN OUR SIDE AND HE WILL NEVER FORSAKE US ESPECIALLY OUR PRESIDENT. HE IS THE FATHER OF OUR NATION……GOD BLESS .

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  3. Do you trolls really think that the ICC will base its actions on Facebook posts?!? Oh my goodness, you really ARE ignorants!


    1. i think you didnt read the whole article. “Let us not pick a fight with the critics but answer only with the truth and base your point with credible source. It is not much of an effort and it does not guaranttee that we will win; but voicing out our support will surely help. And if our voice in social media will be ignored, at least, we have shown the world that we are the majority.” understand it. 🙂


  4. The ICC will come and gather information from fuckin’ media and some info from the yellowtards.This assholes will do anything just to ruin the administration….

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  5. The end is near for you supporters of the tyrant and murderer..There is no stopping the truth from ever coming out. The victims will soon get their justice! The righteous always wins in the end….ALWAYS !!!


  6. This is a site not worthy to comment, full of destabilizers, and does not respect the voice of 91% Filipinos who is in support of President Duterte. Trying to overthrow a government this time unlike in EDSA 1 & 2 will a futile exercise. The 3% hardcore anti govt cannot prevail even if some of those old yellow army will try and try. ICC as an independent is also not blind to the reality that there is no truth to the peddled lies that the government is tyrant and murderous. But still if the ICC WANTS ITSELF TO BE USED then the 91% or more have no recourse but to protect the President. The independent foreign policy adopted by the govt is a bitter pill that cannot be swallowed by a dominating country. If they failed lately in a couple of countries, certainly they will fail miserably here.


    1. You got it wrong emil. this website suppors the government. The article aims to inform the 91% Filpinos and what can we do to help protect te current admin.


  7. Prohibited drugs are illegal trade and does not undergo FDA. ThisIis rotting the country, inciting criminality to innocent people who are helpless to defend themselves. These are cohorts of Satan, not minding about the great impact on mankind. If these are normal people, they should use their mind, brain and heart to determine the impact of humanity. GOD created mankind for good reasons, preserve life to sustain and not to destroy by few and ungodly people. GOD bless the Philippines and the whole world. Protect the leaders of all nation, give them wisdom, truth, righteousness and understanding in their journey to govern their people. ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’

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    1. truly agree to you sir.. Instead of ranting, I just hope that everyone will suppor every good pans of our leader to our country. Let us al prya that He will always be Guided by God in every decicion he will make.

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