Women now have definitely evolved into a new personality. We are stronger, bolder, and smarter. Being a woman who has kids and a-not-so, fairytale-like story of a marriage, I have learned a lot of bits and pieces of life of motherhood, daughterhood, a friend and a worker. I have met women like me who made me realized that the great things in life cannot be achieved if you stay idle, and just going on with the flow of your daily life.

Though we are more fearless than before, we are still the same girl who wished for a fairytale ending. But, the best thing about most modern women are, they know when to stop dreaming and get a real life. They prepared themselves for the worst to come and always ready for new challenge. Like me, I dont settle for just being someone that the society expects me to be. I can be anyone I want to be. I can do both my responsibilities while fulfilling my own dreams.With a strengthen soul and with God by my side…

Meet Reese…


“I am a law student. I am a freelance writer. I am a fulltime government employee. I am a daughter and a sister to my siblings. I am a girlfriend. A friend. I am a travel blogger too. I am a modern woman. Sternly independent. Unquestionably risk-taker. Ambitious. Above everything else, I am a child of God.” 

I am a modern woman; no longer boxed in the world’s stereotypes. I am free from the world’s expectations of me to marry at 25, have kids and be dependent with my husband’s monthly remittances.  I chose to have a career. I am choosing to go after my dreams. I can be the woman that this world expects me to become but why settle for the world’s idea of me when I can still offer more and be more? I can always conquer this world in my stilletos.

While all my high school friends are posting pictures of their babies in their Instagram accounts, I am digging my nose in my Criminal Law book. While everyone is getting married, I am still juggling law school, freelance writing and my regular job. I could always go the easy way; marry someone rich, let him feed me, stay at home and face the dirty dishes but again, I am not that woman.  I am a woman changed and challenged by time. I am not the world’s damsel in distress that needs saving. A lot of people have it easy; easy job, easy money but I am different. I buy my own shoes and pay for my bills. I have my own versions of struggles; I never hid it to the world. I have aim for a better life and I am slowly getting there.

With the affirmations of courage and confidence, still, I am a woman. I love deeply and truthfully. I still blush like a teenage girl and still hope to receive a bouquet of flowers every Valentine’s Day from my boyfriend of six years. I hope for happy endings and still believe in forever. I am still me. I still let my guard down and fall in love, only this time, I am wiser. I will have myself to support me when everyone decides to leave. Yes, I am a modern woman, hardened and toughened by the world’s continuous mockery of my weaknesses but I am up to level the playing field instead of staying at the corner and settle being labeled as weak and incapable of getting things done. I am a modern woman and I want the world to give me a chance to prove my worth.

by: Reeses Arbee