Only this Psychopath can get it done!

He may have a bad mouth, but surely, he gets the job done. He is truly not only a man in words, but also in deeds. This just proves that President Duterte has good intentions for the Filpino people, even to these drug addicts.

For only few months as President, there are people who have concluded tht he will fail on his promises. And sad to think, that there are critics who said that He is  psychopath President who will never do good for the Philippines, and would only caused the country bigger problems because of his attitude.

He only hates improper foreign interventions, and detests criminality, corruption and drug proliferation; but he still respects the rights of every Filipino. –netizens

Watch video!!!

On the video you can see the rehab facility and how it is now. I hope that this will prove the good intentions beyond his foul mouth. This is one of his fulfilled promises…

source: CNN Philippines