Previous Administration’s Failures (latest SWS)

When it comes to comparison between the current administration from the previous administration (Aquino Admin),  supporters of each President has its own something to brag about and criticize the other. But if we really think t over, it is too early to compare the achievements of President Duterte who is still four months in service versus Ex-President Aquino who have finished his 6-year term as President.

But anyway, to everyone’s content, let us tackle the latest survey. From SWS survey, President Duterte garnered 76% trust rate from Filipino. So, majority of the Filipino supported him despite the controversies. Though the economic status in our country today is not so stable as the critics said, it is still so early to judge.

Aquino on the other hand may have succeeded in improving our economy, but he failed definitely when it comes to fighting corruption and crimes. According to a business survey of Social Weather Station 2016 Survey of Enterprises on Corruption, which is participated by businessmen, they saw many corruptions in public sectors under Aquino governance.

Previous polls reported record-low scores of 43 percent in 2012 and 56 percent in 2013 on businesses’ perception of public sector corruption. The lowest before this was 60 percent during former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s term in 2002.

“There was a big drop in the perception of corruption from 2009 in the last round under Gloria Arroyo and the first round under President Aquino,” said SWS president Mahar Mangahas during the presentation of the survey findings at the Asian Institute of Manila in Makati City.

Describing it as “backsliding,” Mangahas said the recent findings was “a big disappointment” as this score was comparable to the 60 to 70 percent range during President Arroyo’s rule and equal to 63 percent during President Joseph Estrada in the year 2000.

Im’ just wondering; this is a big disappointment! but, it seems netizens during Aquino administration are not aware because we have not seen criticisms from people and media like we hear and see now in social media and televisions.  Hmmm… Maybe it is best to just support the current admin like we have supported the previous admin. Being the head of the nation is not an easy task. No one should rant and criticize if they didn’t have the guts to get the job done.

sources: SWS 2016, Inquirer

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