Allow me to let this be said,just for tonight. I know you wouldn’t mind either way, and I am not asking for any response,except feel this words.

Cold nights have arrived, rainy season will soon come to end-a change on weather is occuring. Time moves so fast yet here I am, still stuck on the thought of you and the memories we’ve made together.

Time is measurable yet time itself cannot answer why I still choose to cling onto your reminiscence. Magical, unexpected and remarkable-these words sums up our hundred seventeen days of whirlwind romance.

Looking back at the moments we’ve made together and the places we’ve been through bring an amalgam of happiness and sadness. No mornings have passed that I didn’t wonder about how you’ll start your day even if I knew how.,still Ive wish you’ll have a good day ahead.

Mid days is the lightest time for me, the thought of you hastily passed away,allowing me to let new air to breathe. The 6pm to 7pm evenings is the toughest. Thats when your memories hunt me down,following every step of my way as I walk through.

Defeated. It always ends up messy, gray and me being curled up on the bed,dreaming,wondering,crying and torturing myself. It is the evenings that bought me to the door of emptiness,pain and loneliness.

It is the evenings that let me secretly wished that you’re with me.. even if consciously I know it isn’t even close to reality. Midnights is my favorite part,this is were the irony of every piece fits in me.

The thrill of recalling your voice,your laugh,your scent and your touch awakens my senses,soothing the physical hunger that I am craving for. The little keepsakes you’ve given me filled in the hole you dug in chest,bringing back the memories my system have been suppressing,and for the most part,every thing is about you.

I just didn’t think about you,instead I silently pray every night that you will be in my dreams, where you and I can be together without confusion,inhibition and pretention. Indeed you are my Equinox-my day and my night.