How can he fulfill his promise when You Anti Admin are doing everything to stop him? Who is stupid now?

They want the President to fulfill his promise. But they are doing their best to make him fail on his fight against drugs and crimes. Are you serious?

You have questioned his credibilities since the election. You have condemned his ways even though he has proven himself in his own city. You didn’t do anything but to rant, to criticize him.

A wise person should give someone a chance to fulfill his promise. But it is still too early to decide. He has not reached the said six months, yet the anti’s are now on their most stupid demand to fulfill his promise with no extensions.

If you are a sane person, you should realize that all that is happening now is because the president is doing his job. He is fulfilling his promise. But there are groups of critics who wants him to fail. Media, Anti-Admin and you Yellow loyalist.

This is my own opinion. You have called the Duterte supporters stupid, fanatic, etc. But what you are doing now is not an act of a person with an intelligent mind. You only believe what the bias media is telling you, and you only see the dark side of everything.

You have covered your ears to the other side of the story. You even sympathize for the welfare of the criminal, without considering the number of innocent lives wasted by these criminals and the lives that will be saved because criminals now are lossing its numbers. Where did common sense go? Who is the fanatic now? Who are the blind followers now?

Just like other intelligent people who never supported the present President during the election but now are silently waiting for what the President can do. They waited, and some of them even praise the good thing that the President has done in just two months.

We are not fanatics. I don’t like the President’s way of talking. I always criticize his choice of words. But when it comes to actions, I am his fan. Action speaks louder than words. And there is no other leader who made the move as fast as he is doing now.

Call us stupid fanatics. But you should also realize that you are obsessed with putting him down. Because of that, you failed to have the right reasoning. You are blinded by bitterness, hate and pride. Now, you are laughing that he asked for extension? Did you ever gave him a chance? No, all you do is rant. What good does it do and does it make you the decent person as you claim to be?

by: Anonymous